Solving humanities grand challenges!

Solve for a Billion is a blog about the most difficult of human challenges. Its role is to document the greatest of humanist challenges, discuss possible solutions to them and determine the knowledge and skills required to take them on.

Our ability to create wealth and opportunities is greater than any other time in human history. With technology on a run away exponential rise. We have the ability today to tackle challenges today that were considered impossible yesterday.

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Brian Lim

This Blog is written by Brian Lim, a season veteran of the Startup Scene in Australia. Unafraid of failure and the unknown, He has supported more than a thousand startups though his career and has tackled some of the most challenging problems in the world.

Feel free to contact him with comments or questions via email at Brian<at>solveforabillion.com

If you would like to find our more about Brian Lim, at his Linkedin Profile. or check out his Twitter profile @BoldBrian

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