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TED Active Day 2

TED Active runs its 2nd Day…

What a blast.. combined over 25 talks and half a dozen workshops with a night of painting the town red, most of us will barely be awake for the next day.

Today I initially wanted to highlight a talk from each of the 5 sessions, everything from living forever to living on Mars. Yet it all seems pale to the Highlight of the day. TED Prize winner Dave Isay, on his work on Story Corp. I find it impossible to think about the other talks, as his message was incredible pure and heart warming.

The whole room started crying..it was so touch and moving..none of us were talking about the other talks for the rest of the day. His work is to record the wisdom and stories that all of humanity has to offer.

You can read the full details at the TED Blog.

I wish I could write up more, but this has filled my mind with so many other things.


TED Active Day 1

This is part of my daily coverage of the TED Active Conference. You can follow regularly updates on Social Media.

Session 1 Talks

Kevin Rudd

International relations expert

Screenshot 2015-03-17 01.48.19

While studying future alternatives for China’s global relations, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has come to an ominous conclusion: conflict is looming.

Kevin Rudd started the talk about his apology to the aboriginal people in Australia and the impact it has on the Australian community. He then turned his talk to China and its rising power. He explained the facts in history that demonstrated the likeness of a US China war and offered Australia as the country who has the ability to broker the peace between the two super powers.

Chris Anderson mentioned that Kevin Rudd was uniquely position to deal with this looming crisis.

David Rothkopf

Foreign policy strategist

Screenshot 2015-03-17 02.10.41

With books and strategies, David Rothkopf helps people navigate the perils and opportunities of our contemporary geopolitical landscape.

David shows an incredible array of information, that lays out how technological progress has change the way we do war. Using 9/11 as an example, he explained how the world responded to it and what effect that has left us. He then moves on to discuss the rising challenge to change the situation for the better.

Joseph DeSimone

Chemist, inventor

Screenshot 2015-03-17 02.41.01

The CEO of Carbon3D, Joseph DeSimone has made breakthrough contributions to the field of 3D printing.

Joseph,did a daring presentation, he demonstrated a new 3d printer that was able to print a full 3D printed object before his talk finished. His showed how the method they developed to do 3d Printing, was able to do multiple materials and printing objects within the time frame of his talk.

Abe Davis

Computer scientist

Screenshot 2015-03-17 02.22.56

Computer vision expert Abe Davis pioneers methods to extract audio from silent digital videos, even footage shot on ordinary consumer cameras.

Ok, Abe Davis work is incredible…absolute incredible. In fact, it was requested that no one publicly share his video or its content till TED released the talk. So I will have to stay silent on his content, but when its on TED.com you must see it!

Moon Hooch


Two saxophone players and a drummer, Moon Hooch whip up a raw, infectiously danceable sound.

A group that started its musical career in the New York Subway, and was kicked out because they were so successful that they were affecting the subway system. They call the music they have created called Cave Music.

I have attached a youtube video of another performance. The music is amazing and I shall let it speak for itself.

Marina Abramović

Performance artist

Screenshot 2015-03-17 02.30.53

Her work is very hard to explain summaries. She is a powerful artist, who has created powerful art pieces, which can create incredibly intimate works. I would not be able to honestly describe what she does.


Thats the days wrap of talk..see you guys tomorrow!


TED Here I come!!

The Main TED event and its satellite event TED Active are absolutely amazing. Watching a TED talk with friends or sharing them online is a very different experience when you are in the same room as the speakers. My ability to articulate the different is still beyond me.

The TED Conference means a lot more than to TEDx Organizers than it does to the general public. Every year TEDx Organizers from around the world gather a day before the main TED for the TEDx Workshop. A one day Organizer only event, where we meet each other and share our knowledge on how to build great TEDx events.

As I write this, I am traveling to Vancouver for the TED Active Conference. Sunday is the TEDx Organizers workshop, where I get to meet many of my old friends, followed by a week at Whistler, British Columbia for the TED Active Conference.

From there I intend to blog about my adventures at the TED Conference, and the TED talks as they come out. Be ready for an adventure! At some point I shall be giving a talk on a TED or TEDx Stage, but till then I will happily hold the spot light for those with an idea worth spreading.

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