TED Active Day 2

TED Active runs its 2nd Day…

What a blast.. combined over 25 talks and half a dozen workshops with a night of painting the town red, most of us will barely be awake for the next day.

Today I initially wanted to highlight a talk from each of the 5 sessions, everything from living forever to living on Mars. Yet it all seems pale to the Highlight of the day. TED Prize winner Dave Isay, on his work on Story Corp. I find it impossible to think about the other talks, as his message was incredible pure and heart warming.

The whole room started crying..it was so touch and moving..none of us were talking about the other talks for the rest of the day. His work is to record the wisdom and stories that all of humanity has to offer.

You can read the full details at the TED Blog.

I wish I could write up more, but this has filled my mind with so many other things.

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