TED Here I come!!

The Main TED event and its satellite event TED Active are absolutely amazing. Watching a TED talk with friends or sharing them online is a very different experience when you are in the same room as the speakers. My ability to articulate the different is still beyond me.

The TED Conference means a lot more than to TEDx Organizers than it does to the general public. Every year TEDx Organizers from around the world gather a day before the main TED for the TEDx Workshop. A one day Organizer only event, where we meet each other and share our knowledge on how to build great TEDx events.

As I write this, I am traveling to Vancouver for the TED Active Conference. Sunday is the TEDx Organizers workshop, where I get to meet many of my old friends, followed by a week at Whistler, British Columbia for the TED Active Conference.

From there I intend to blog about my adventures at the TED Conference, and the TED talks as they come out. Be ready for an adventure! At some point I shall be giving a talk on a TED or TEDx Stage, but till then I will happily hold the spot light for those with an idea worth spreading.

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Brian Lim, is an space entrepreneurs, who lives in Sydney Australia and an advocate for global change and adaptation.

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